The nest of good living

Amate, a Nahuatl word that evokes the idea of "Nest", turns Amatte into "El Refugio del Buen Nido" (The Refuge of the Good Nest). This exquisite sanctuary nestled on a hill, in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, weaves a magical bond between all its elements.

Gastronomy, relaxation, the celestial view and the mastery of living well intertwine harmoniously, weaving moments of joy that nourish the body, ignite the soul and enliven the mind, forging deep and meaningful connections that endure over time.

Wabi Sabi 侘寂

Amatte Essence

The Amatte San Miguel de Allende hotel features a timeless design by Japanese architect Shinji Miyazaki, inspired by the Wabi-sabi (侘寂) concept: the discovery of beauty in imperfection. It is a living hotel, full of endemic vegetation in all its corners. The natural style reigns, as part of a philosophy in which the connection with the region's surroundings is accentuated by using vegetation in combination with vertical and horizontal elements.

Our essence lies in those moments that define a day trip or a long weekend, it is for those who want to live a sensory experience in all senses. Each of the spaces in this nest was created for the community that enjoys the good life and wants to experience from an incredible panoramic view of the city of San Miguel de Allende and its dishes cooked over a wood fire in the Hacmans restaurant or a cozy stay in one of our suites

This property is for those who want to connect with the senses where the experience of gastronomy and mixology will take you to a complete sensory experience

Hotel Amatte San Miguel de Allende

The first hotel in San Miguel de Allende that offers a complete sensory experience in each of its spaces.

This is Amatte

Community that enjoys good living


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